Upgrade South Yarra Station


South Yarra Station is struggling to serve over 13,000 commuters each day.

Inaction by successive Liberal and Labor governments has resulted in a congested single entrance, overcrowded trains and unsafe pedestrian crossings.

$2 million dollars have been committed to plan an upgrade to South Yarra station.

The plan is due to be completed next year and the government have stated they will work with residents, traders and the local council on options for a better station.

After extensive community support for an upgrade including over 1,300 signatures on my upgrade South Yarra station petition, this announcement is a welcome breakthrough.

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Upgrade South Yarra Station Survey

To ensure our community’s voice is heard, Sam initiated an Upgrade South Yarra station survey to determine what commuters’ highest priorities for an upgrade are.

The response was very encouraging, with 975 submissions received. Respondents’ top priorities for an upgrade to South Yarra station include: an interchange with Melbourne Metro; a northern entrance with a platform overpass; an expanded front foyer; maintaining heritage character; and a safe pedestrian crossing at Yarra Street.

The full results have been forwarded to the Minister for Public Transport.

Click here to download the Upgrade South Yarra Station Survey Results.

Click here to read the Minister for Public Transport's response to the survey.







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South Yarra station upgrade announcement win for local commuters

Greens MP for Prahran Sam Hibbins MP has welcomed $2 Million for planning an upgrade to South Yarra station.

Upgrading South Yarra station is one of Sam’s key priorities as the state member for Prahran.

The announcement comes after an extensive campaign Sam has run to Upgrade South Yarra station including a petition which has gathered over 1,300 signatures and an Upgrade South Yarra station survey which with over 900 respondents.


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South Yarra Station: Invitation to the Minister

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — (12 538) My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Public Transport, and the action I seek is that the minister go to South Yarra railway station in the morning peak and witness the congestion firsthand. The minister will be able to see the crowded single entrance on Toorak Road; the congested footpath, with bikes chained to the railing; the dangerous pedestrian crossing at Yarra Street; the chaos on Toorak Road, with trams so crowded commuters cannot board and people spilling onto the road; and of course the overcrowded peak-hour trains. The minister will be able to go to Yarra Lane to see the land set aside for a northern entrance and platform overpass. While she is there I am happy to furnish her with documents that I obtained through FOI that expose the complete lack of investment in one of Melbourne's busiest stations for well over a decade, including a plan considered but abandoned by the previous government to expand the front foyer area.

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Labor neglects South Yarra station commuters again

Greens MP for Prahran Sam Hibbins as slammed the state government’s decision not to fund an upgrade to South Yarra station in this year’s state budget. 

South Yarra Station is the busiest non-CBD station and is struggling to serve over 13,000 commuters, after years of neglect by both Labor and Liberal state governments combined with rapid population growth in the area.

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South Yarra Railway Station

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — (12 307) My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Public Transport, and the action I seek is for the minister to upgrade South Yarra station. I have had an overwhelming response to my recent community survey seeking views on what is needed in a station upgrade, with over 800 responses received so far. I am happy to report some of the results to the chamber. For the existing station the clear priority for commuters is a northern entrance with a platform overpass. The station currently has one overcrowded entrance. To reach the station, residents in the Forrest Hill growth area and Melbourne High School students need to traverse the congested footpath outside the station and a dangerous, busy, uncontrolled, unmarked crossing at Yarra Street.

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Public transport

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — I rise to contribute to the grievance debate. I will be grieving today on behalf of the public transport commuters in Victoria who are suffering after decades of neglect and the failed policies of previous Liberal and Labor governments and who continue to suffer under this government due to inaction. The latest Public Transport Victoria figures that have been published just show what commuters know already — overcrowding on trains and trams is getting worse. It is getting worse, and there is no plan in place to fix it within this term of government.

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