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Mr HIBBINS (Prahran)  — My question is to the Premier. Premier, the recent Pegasus Economics review of the Game Management Authority (GMA) found that breaches of hunting laws during duck season are widespread and commonplace and that the GMA was incapable of enforcing those laws. Given your regulator's own incompetence, will you now stand with the vast majority of Victorians who oppose duck shooting and cancel this year's duck season, due to start in 10 days?


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Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — My question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and I ask: when will the government start taking action to improve pedestrian safety in the Prahran electorate? Safer pedestrian crossings are absolutely essential to the livability of our community, and over the past few months the minister would have received over 100 emails from residents in the Prahran electorate as part of my campaign to fix dangerous pedestrian crossings.

One of the two most common pedestrians crossings that would have been raised with the minister is the crossing at Punt Road and Pasley Street North, used by schoolkids to get to South Yarra Primary School. It is a crossing that has been made less safe after the botched relocation by the previous government, with daily occurrences of cars running red lights and putting children at risk. The second-most common complaint would have been about the corner of Yarra Street and Toorak Road near South Yarra railway station, where thousands of commuters are mixing daily with cars and trucks at an unmarked, uncontrolled crossing. There are many more dangerous crossings in our electorate that the minister would have heard about, so I would urge him to start listening to the residents in our community and fix those crossings.

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Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — I rise to speak on behalf of the Greens on the Integrity and Accountability Legislation Amendment (Public Interest Disclosures, Oversight and Independence) Bill 2018. This is a bill that makes a number of changes to Victoria's integrity system, most significantly around protected disclosures but also to the powers of IBAC and the Ombudsman, and changes to the oversight committees as well. The Greens will be supporting this bill. It has been an ongoing journey since IBAC was created to get the sort of integrity system that we need in Victoria. Subsequent to this bill, there is still more to be done, which I will outline later on.

I will start with a bit of history on an anti-corruption commission in Victoria. As previously pointed out, there was resistance from the previous Brumby Labor government to setting up an anti-corruption body. The former Premier has even outlined, subsequent to that, that he thought the existing arrangements were satisfactory. Following the election of the previous Liberal government, IBAC was set up, and in setting that body up there were a number of flaws in the original legislation.

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Sam HIBBINS (Prahran) — If South Yarra was to get a helipad built by a private developer to serve a few people who live in penthouse apartments before its overcrowded train station, used by thousands, got an upgrade, it would represent much that is wrong with our state's planning system, where population grows, just like it is doing in the Forrest Hill area and in South Yarra, but critical infrastructure like public transport is not improved, just like we are seeing at Toorak station with the overcrowding there and the failure to include South Yarra in the Melbourne Metro rail project.


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Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — I rise to speak on behalf of the Greens to the Bail Amendment (Stage Two) Bill 2017, which I understand makes further changes to the bail system in response to the bail review undertaken by Justice Coghlan, with this bill really addressing those measures of the bail system or providing greater context around the decision-making process, about whether to grant bail and then adding context around the balance of presumption of innocence and community safety.

The Greens will be supporting this bill. Certainly it is our hope that the bill will remove some of the uncertainty around the granting of bail and will lead to a better system that will make it more difficult for serious offenders to be granted bail and not just result in more people being held in remand, which is problematic itself.

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