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Wombat protection a critical step, but thousands still at risk of being killed

The Victorian Greens have welcomed the Government’s decision to overturn the decades-old legal loophole that allowed wombats to be killed without a permit in certain parts of the state.  

Following calls to immediately protect wombats and questioning from Victorian Greens MP for Prahran, Sam Hibbins, the Minister for Environment revealed that a review of these laws would take place.

Until today, Victoria was the only state that had areas where wombats were an unprotected species, and in areas where they already are protected, almost 4,000 are being killed every year.

However The Greens have said more will need to done to reduce the number of protected wombats being killed each year.

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens MP for Prahran, Sam Hibbins:

‘Now the Government has finally acted to ensure wombats cannot be killed without a permit, it will need to do more to reduce the number of wombats being killed.’

‘The killing of wombats is out of control in Victoria, with an estimated 4,000 wombat deaths each year. A non-lethal and humane approach to dealing with wombats must be enforced.’