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Law and Order - Toorak Road South Yarra Traders Association

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — I would like to thank the Toorak Road South Yarra traders association for having me at their recent traders meeting on crime and the Stonnington police for attending and providing insight into their role and how local businesses can work together to both prevent and respond to crime. Local police have attended similar events, most recently at Carlisle Street but previously at the Horace Petty public housing estate and for residents who live in apartment buildings in Prahran.

I know that traders and residents certainly appreciate greater collaboration and open lines of communication with police, which is a key part community safety. At the government level more must be done on crime prevention policies to reduce reoffending rates and put young people at risk on a better path, rather than continuing on with a revolving door prison system and a youth justice system in crisis.