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Firearm Regulation

M HIBBINS (Prahran) — My question is to the Premier. It is regarding the Adler lever action shotgun, which can fire rounds at speeds comparable to an illegal pump action shotgun. The temporary ban on the importation of the eight-shot Adler expires on 7 August this year, and the review of the national firearms agreement is still ongoing. So I ask: what is the state government doing to lobby and to ensure that this gun continues to be banned from Victoria?

Safe Schools Program

Mr HIBBINS — Safe Schools is a successful and long-running program that once enjoyed support across all political parties, but it has been announced that a future coalition government would axe the Safe Schools program. 

Greens say Liberals can't be trusted with LGBTI equality

Greens say Liberals can't be trusted with LGBTI equality Greens equality spokesperson Sam Hibbins says a vow by the Victorian opposition to abandon the Safe Schools program will put young people at risk.

Apology for Historic Gay Convictions

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — I rise as the Victorian Greens LGBTI spokesperson to support this motion and to support this parliamentary apology for laws that criminalised homosexuality and for the harms they caused. Laws that target or discriminate against LGBTI communities and individuals have no place in Victoria. In Victoria laws that criminalised homosexuality were in place until the 1980s.

Motion: Parliamentary Apology

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — I rise to speak on the motion for the suspension of standing orders for a parliamentary apology for the laws criminalising homosexuality. I welcome the changes to this motion, which will allow not only the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition but also the Minister for Equality and representatives of other parties to speak on the apology motion.

Victorian Budget Reply 2016

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — I rise to give the budget reply on behalf of the Victorian Greens and the residents of Prahran and not only to give our response to the state government's budget but also to outline our vision and our plan for Victoria. Victoria really is a great place to call home. That is why so many people from interstate and around the world are moving in and coming to Victoria. Now is the time to have the vision and courage to take the next big steps for Victoria: to make the transition to an economy powered by clean energy; to...

MEMBERS STATEMENT: Rugby Rainbow Round

Mr HIBBINS — I attended the opening of the Melbourne Chargers rugby season for the Rainbow Round at Orrong's Romanis Reserve in Prahran with Greens Higgins candidate, Jason Ball. I was pleased to be able to wear my rainbow laces along with the players to show my support for the fight against homophobia in sport. Our footy and rugby clubs have been known as bastions of homophobia and exclusion, but thanks to the efforts of clubs like the Chargers and Melbourne Unicorns many are now on the front line of changing attitudes, not just in sport but the wider community. Thanks to...

Members Statement: Midsumma Festival

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — Over summer I attended events as part of the Midsumma Festival, including the Pride Shabbat service at Temple Beth Israel; Carnival Day; Pride march, where we had our biggest Greens contingent yet; and the Marriage Equality and Beyond forum put on by Queer Greens Victoria. The festival brought people from a wide range of backgrounds together in the celebration of our LGBTI community.

Victorian Greens Slam Safe Schools Review

Sam Hibbins MP, Victorian Greens LGBTI spokesperson has slammed the Turnbull Government's decision to review the safe schools program. “The Turnbull government is giving in to the hateful campaign against the Safe Schools program" “Safe schools is an essential program in combating homophobia and bullying in Victoria’s schools” “Rather than stand firm against the inaccurate and hateful attacks from those opposing Safe Schools, the Turnbull government is giving comfort to the homophobic campaign and undermining the positive work Safe Schools does”

This Week in Parliament 12 February 2016

    This week in Parliament, I have: Demanded the removal of the Punt Road acquisition overlay Called for the Transport Minister to appear before the Legislative Council Public Transport Inquiry Amended the legislation to allow for ceremonies when registering relationships, including for same-sex couples Voted in favour of new Medicinal Cannabis laws Called for upgrades to South Yarra Station Voted against regressive 'tough on drugs' laws