TAFEs need more than one off payments

19 June 2015

In response to the government’s recent ‘Back to Work Fund’ grants to TAFEs, Victorian Greens TAFE & Training spokesperson Sam Hibbins MP said that TAFEs need more than one off payments to fix the crisis in the Vocational Education & Training (VET) system.

“The Victorian Greens welcome any additional funding for our cash stricken TAFE’s but the long term solution for TAFE is for the state government to abandon the failed market contestability funding model and deliver more recurrent VET funding to our quality public TAFEs.”

“TAFEs once received around 70% of the share of VET funding before the changes in 2008, it is now down to 40%.”

“The current crisis stems from the previous Labor Government’s failed market contestability reforms which forced public TAFEs to compete with for-profit private training providers.” 

“These reforms were continued and exacerbated by the former Liberal/National Government’s devastating TAFE funding cuts.”

“Only a VET system with TAFE at its core can provide the quality, affordable and accessible education and training Victoria needs. The Government must abandon the current funding model in order to return TAFE to its central position in our VET system,” said Mr Hibbins.


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