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State Taxation Acts Amendment Bill 2017

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — I am going to support the amendment by the opposition in this instance to debate the establishment of a select committee before moving to the budget. The Greens have put forward their preference for this matter to be sent to the Privileges Committee for further investigation and for it to propose a sanction that it can bring back to this house. I was not necessarily convinced that the select committee was the best way to go, but in the absence of a referral from the government I will be supporting this amendment because this is the proposal that is on the table. 

As I said last sitting week, it absolutely beggars belief that the government would allow this matter to continue over weeks during the break and now into budget day. If they wanted budget day to be focused on the budget and not on this matter, they should have acted on the matter in the previous sitting week. With no movement from the government on this issue and with no commitment from them to refer this matter to the Privileges Committee, I am going to support the opposition's amendment to deal with that motion before the budget is delivered.