South Yarra Station: Invitation to the Minister

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — (12 538) My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Public Transport, and the action I seek is that the minister go to South Yarra railway station in the morning peak and witness the congestion firsthand. The minister will be able to see the crowded single entrance on Toorak Road; the congested footpath, with bikes chained to the railing; the dangerous pedestrian crossing at Yarra Street; the chaos on Toorak Road, with trams so crowded commuters cannot board and people spilling onto the road; and of course the overcrowded peak-hour trains. The minister will be able to go to Yarra Lane to see the land set aside for a northern entrance and platform overpass. While she is there I am happy to furnish her with documents that I obtained through FOI that expose the complete lack of investment in one of Melbourne's busiest stations for well over a decade, including a plan considered but abandoned by the previous government to expand the front foyer area.

This government has followed on from previous Liberal and Labor governments by failing to fund and upgrade the South Yarra station in this year's budget whilst allowing significant development right next door at Forrest Hill and even intervening in planning applications to allow for greater development. Incredibly there is an item in this year's budget for improving Melbourne's busiest stations, listing Flinders Street, Southern Cross and Richmond stations — but not South Yarra.

This station is bursting at the seams with an increased population and an increased number of commuters, but it has zero funding. I urge the minister to visit South Yarra station during the morning peak and bring the Premier with her to witness this firsthand, and to speak to commuters about the issues and problems they face at South Yarra station every day.