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I'm pleased that over 300 local cyclists completed our Bike Safe Survey 2020, and now the results are in!

We heard that too many locals feel unsafe riding on our roads and we know that it shouldn't have to be this way! 

As a commuter cyclist myself, I want to make sure that everyone feels safe riding a bike throughout Prahran.


Some of the key findings of our Bike Safe Survey:

  • Over 70% of respondents indicated that they would cycle more if there were more separated bike lanes in the Prahran electorate
  • Over two thirds of cyclists that completed the survey stated that they felt either ‘very unsafe’ or ‘unsafe’ when cycling in Prahran.
  • Alarmingly, 81% of respondents said they had seen or experienced a near miss with a car.

See the full report here:


In Prahran, Melbourne and in cities across the world, more people are choosing to cycle in response to COVID-19 - despite the current lack of bike infrastructure.

It's clear that right now, we have an opportunity to transform the way we move around our community by creating more space for people to ride their bike.

That's why we have recently launched our plan to construct a Safe Bike Network for Melbourne; which would include over 300km of separated bike lanes and paths and create around 5,000 jobs in engineering, construction and manufacturing.

The Safe Bike Network would see Melbourne become a world-class city for cycling – like Paris, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam.

Bike Superhighway #1

The centrepiece of the network would be a 20km Bike Superhighway #1 running from Coburg to Elsternwick including the key routes of St Kilda Road, Sydney Road, Royal Parade and Flemington Road.

The Superhighway would be fast-tracked with temporary infrastructure to create more space for cycling in response to COVID-19.

A safe, separated bike network for Prahran and Melbourne would:

👷 Create jobs in engineering, construction and manufacturing

🌱 Boost urban renewal and cut carbon emissions

🚗 Reduce congestion while also reducing air pollution

🚲 Improve people’s health, getting us fit and active!

Bike Superhighway #1



In Prahran, Melbourne and in cities across the world, more people are choosing to cycle in response to COVID-19.

Add your name below to join our campaign to build Bike Superhighway #1 and the Safe Bike Network for Prahran and Melbourne!



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