“The Punt Road public acquisition overlay (PAO) must go” says Prahran MP Sam Hibbins


“The Punt Rd PAO is a hangover from 50’s era transport planning which envisaged Melbourne as a freeway Utopia.”


“We now know how mistaken this is approach to transport is and we certainly don’t want a 6 lane road dividing the Prahran community”


“PAOs can be useful tool to for community planning.  But the Punt Rd PAO is in place for an unplanned, unfunded, unnecessary road widening that the community does not want.”


“The VicRoads background report reveals traffic volumes on Punt Rd have decreased over the past decade whilst patronage on Punt Rd bus 246 continues to grow”


“The report also reveals widening the road would cost approximately $500 Million”


“Modest, cost effective initiatives for Punt Rd such as clear way extensions, a high frequency inner city smart bus, traffic light priority as well as city wide public transport improvements will help alleviate congestion on Punt Rd.”


“Many residents have been in contact with me regarding Punt Rd and the PAO. I strongly encourage local residents to provide a submission to the panel so we can remove this overlay and improve public transport”