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Our local urban environment is part of what makes Prahran such a great place to live.

Our parks, trees, and the Yarra river are homes to native plants, animals, birds and insects. They keep us cool, clean our air and bring us joy and wellbeing.

Being in lockdown has shown us just how important our public parks and open spaces are to our health and happiness. 

As our community grows, it’s important that it is planned with sufficient green space, practical solutions to reduce waste, and infrastructure to curb pollution and emissions. 

That’s why I’m committed to protecting and restoring our local urban environment.

This will improve the liveability of our community by ensuring greener cooler neighbourhoods, protect our precious trees and wildlife, help tackle climate change and reduce air pollution.

  • Plant thousands of trees every year to increase our tree canopy coverage.
  • Clean up the Yarra and make it swimmable again with extra funding and stronger laws.
  • Mandate green roofs and solar power on new apartments and support the installation on existing buildings.
  • Ban single use plastics and expand our recycling capacity to keep our streets, parks and waterways clean.
  • Cut transport emissions and air pollution by supporting the switch to electric vehicles, more frequent public transport and safer walking and cycling. 
  • Power our community with 100% renewable energy to phase out coal and gas. 
  • Increase parks, community gardens and open spaces to make Prahran an even better place to live.

Here are the 3 Winning entries of the Prahran Urban Nature Photo Competition - celebrating our community's natural environment! 






Join us in protecting and restoring our precious urban environment





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