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Local Government Bill 2019

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran): I rise to speak on behalf of the Greens on the Local Government Bill 2019, which incorporates proposed legislation from the previous Parliament for modernisation of the Local Government Act 1989. I acknowledge that those changes were subject to extensive consultation and actually did provide for some really good improvements to local government. The key elements there are the structure and constitution of councils, the election of councillors and appointment of council administration, the role of council, the principles and other matters as to how they actually perform their role, integrated strategic planning and financial management and...

Members Statement: Tibetan Delegation

Mr HIBBINS: I recently met with a delegation from the Tibetan parliament-in-exile, accompanied by members of Victoria’s Tibetan community, many of whom live in the Prahran electorate. I know the situation in Tibet is of deep concern to many people in Victoria and, I am sure, many members of this place. Many members of the Tibetan community are former political prisoners and their families. They left Tibet having resisted the brutal repression and illegal occupation of their country. Some have been imprisoned for up to 24 years. Members of the delegation reported continued violations of the human rights of the Tibetan...

Question without Notice: Political Donations

Mr HIBBINS: My question is to the Premier. Nine years ago the then Labor government, which the Premier was a member of, along with the then Liberal opposition joined together to oppose and defeat a Greens motion calling on them to refrain from accepting political donations from property developers. Premier, do you acknowledge that this was the wrong decisionand commit on behalf of this government and its MPs to not accept political donations from property developers? Mr ANDREWS (Mulgrave—Premier) : I do thank the member for Prahran for his question. I was not aware that the ninth anniversary of the defeat...

Climate Change motion

Mr HIBBINS: I desire to move, by leave: That this house:(1) notes the link between the recent bushfires, heatwave and drought as human-induced climate change;and(2) declares we are in a climate emergency requiring an urgent plan to keep coal and gas in the ground. Leave refused.