Motorcycle Noise in the Prahran Electorate

We would like to know if you have been impacted by excessive motorcycle noise. Tell us about your experiences. 

The EPA Victoria states that noise pollution is sound at a level which is annoying, distracting or physically harmful. It is an offence to own or use a vehicle that exceeds noise limits in the vehicle emissions regulations.

Motorbike noise limit regulations largely depended on when the bike was manufactured. Provided the bike’s exhaust system has not been modified, all bikes manufactured from 2005 will need to pass their own specific noise limit as set within the Australian Design Rules. A bike’s specific stationary noise test information must be displayed on the vehicle for motorbikes manufactured from 1 March 1988.

However, if a bike was manufactured before 2005, or was manufactured after 2005 and has a modified exhaust system, it will have a limit of 94 decibels (dB).

All bikes manufactured prior to 1 March 1985 will have a noise limit of 100dB.

Put into context, 100dB sounds like a jet taking off from 305 meters away and 94dB would be like standing on a platform when a train goes past.