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More Public Transport

Transport is Victoria’s biggest growing source of carbon emissions. Polluting petrol vehicles produce around a quarter of our state’s emissions - the equivalent of one coal fired power station.

We need a massive increase in train, tram and bus services to cut climate-damaging transport emissions and make sure that Victorians can get where they need to go – faster. 

People shouldn't have to wait 20 minutes, and often much longer, for their train, tram or bus to turn up.

The Greens have a plan to massively increase public transport services to reduce wait times and support people to make the shift to climate-friendly public transport. 

The Greens plan includes:

  • A massive increase in services for metropolitan trains and trams including:
    • Trains and trams running every 5-10 minutes from 7am - 7pm, seven days a week across almost the entire network. 
    • Early morning and late-night services running every 10 minutes all week
  • A Solar powered high frequency electric bus network across Melbourne and regional cities
  • Fast tracked planning and early works of new tunnels and tracks to increase services across Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

Cost: $821.5 million over the forward estimates for increased services plus $100 million from the Clean Transport Infrastructure Fund for planning.

A rail map of Melbourne with lines in different colours to represent frequencies


a table with train frequencies across Melbourne

A table of Melbourne tram lines and their frequencies under the Greens plan

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