More public transport and bikes needed to bust congestion


Acting Greens leader Sam Hibbins says the only solution to traffic congestion is to make public transport and cycling a real alternative to the car.  

“Single occupant car trips are choking our roads,” Mr Hibbins said.

“Many people sitting in Hoddle Street and on the Monash Freeway are there because they can’t rely on our public transport system.

“It’s clear that we need action now to expand our public transport network and increase rolling stock but the Labor Government’s promised investment is off in the never never.


Breaking away from dependence on cars must include a greater focus on cycling and walking, particularly in the inner city.


“People love to ride their bike, but are concerned for their safety. We need cultural change on cycling safety, led by safety law changes like the Greens' minimum overtaking distances bill.

“Infrastructure Victoria is about to be launched, but it doesn't have a legal requirement to ensure that cycling and active transport are a priority in statewide infrastructure planning.  


“New toll roads aren’t the solution to congestion. It’s time to focus on the real congestion busting modes of transport – trains, trams, buses and bikes,” Mr Hibbins said.


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