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Members Statement: Windsor Primary School

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran): Good local public schools are so essential to a livable community, so it was really pleasing to spend some time at Windsor Primary School as part of the principal for a day program and join principal Peter Seddon and meet some of the staff, including some student teachers, and of course meet the students and get a sneak preview of what I am sure was a terrific whole-school performance, and to get an understanding of Peter’s and his team’s approach to educating and supporting young people from their approach to school leadership to what happens in the classroom. It was also really pleasing to see some students who I had met previously in a visit to a local kindergarten now progressing through their local primary school. It showed me just why Windsor Primary is such a wonderful local school for our community. I look forward to the upgrade of Windsor Primary progressing, and the school getting the modern facilities they need in their historic building.