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Members Statement: SPCCC

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — On Sunday I went to the Swinburne Prahran Community Children's Centre Co-operative (SPCCCC) fete. It was a fantastic event with a great turnout, and it was terrific to see so many members of the community coming together to support the centre. I was also very happy to snaffle the baby hamper in the raffle. Rest assured it will be put to good use. Congratulations to the organisers and families who turned out make it such a successful day and raised funds for the centre. Particularly well done to the children for hand-delivering the promotional flyers along Chapel Street in Windsor. They were very persuasive in convincing local shops to display their signs.

I previously visited the SPCCCC as part of Book Week. The children chose two books for me to read to them. They were The Wonky Donkey and There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Mozzie. The children asked me questions about what I do and why I like books. I love reading and I love books. Thank you to all the children and staff at SPCCCC for being so friendly. The Swinburne Prahran Community Children's Centre Co-operative is an invaluable asset for Prahran families and our community. It makes Prahran livable for young families, and my hope is that those families stay in Prahran.