Members Statement - South Yarra Helipad

Sam HIBBINS (Prahran) — If South Yarra was to get a helipad built by a private developer to serve a few people who live in penthouse apartments before its overcrowded train station, used by thousands, got an upgrade, it would represent much that is wrong with our state's planning system, where population grows, just like it is doing in the Forrest Hill area and in South Yarra, but critical infrastructure like public transport is not improved, just like we are seeing at Toorak station with the overcrowding there and the failure to include South Yarra in the Melbourne Metro rail project.


We are seeing it where planning ministers either step in to change local planning laws to approve buildings far beyond what was ever imagined for those sites, just like we saw at least twice under the previous government — once on behalf of one of their donor mates. We are seeing planning ministers fail to implement interim height limits, as requested by councils, which let massive overdevelopments go ahead, just like we saw in the last term with Orrong Towers and in this term with St Kilda Road. A strong planning system is absolutely critical to keep our community livable, where height limits are stuck to, where infrastructure is actually planned and put in place, and where political parties cannot accept donations from property developers.