Members Statement: Privatisation policy


Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — It is time to turn the page on the era of privatisation and neoliberalism in Victoria. For the past 25 years Victorian governments have been privatising public assets like energy, transport, the training sector, social services and even prisons. The current government has sold off the port of Melbourne. Now they want to sell off the land titles office, public housing estates, disability group homes and even Federation Square. And what have we got for it? An energy system that is broken, a public transport system that cannot cope with demand, a TAFE and training sector trashed by dodgy private providers, public housing run-down and now being sold off, inequality rising and wage growth low.

I am glad the Premier has finally realised privatising energy was a bad idea. Now he needs to end his sell-off agenda and this failed ideology. Yes, we need to restore public ownership of our energy system. Yes, we need to put public transport back in public hands. Yes, we need a massive investment in public housing, not a sell-off. We need essential services back in public hands, running the public good for the public interest.