Members Statement: Prahran Electorate

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran)  — I love living in the Prahran electorate. It has been my home for a decade now. Our shared commitment to values like diversity and equality is what makes it such a special place. When I was elected as one of the first Greens MPs in the lower house I had three local priorities: to make sure the new Prahran High School went ahead, and that is opening next year; to upgrade South Yarra station, which we finally got funding for this year, and we are still fighting for that connection with Melbourne Metro; and to care for people most in need, and our public housing tenants have now had their kinder upgraded and security doors installed on their homes.

In Parliament my Greens colleagues and I have fought and won on dying with dignity laws, a renewable energy target, a ban on fracking and better rights for renters. As a community we have achieved so much together, but there is still more to do: developing a long-term plan to transform public transport by investing in trains and trams rather than tollways; increasing renewable energy and cutting bills by putting solar and batteries on homes and schools; improving housing affordability by building more public housing, not selling it off; protecting our environment for future generations by ending logging of our native forests; and reducing waste. With your support we can do all this together, so I look forward to continuing to keep Prahran livable, holding the other parties to account and fighting for a future for all of us. Let's keep it going.

Could I just put on the record my sincere thanks to all my electorate staff in my office. They work really hard. They do a great job, and I want to put on the record my sincere thanks to them.