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Members Statement: Pedestrian and Cycling Infrastructure

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran): I rise to speak on the need for safer pedestrian and cycling infrastructure in the Prahran electorate. Being able to walk and ride around safely in our community is absolutely essential to keeping Prahran a liveable place and making it accessible for everyone, particularly for those who cannot or choose not to drive, young people, families, parents with prams and elderly citizens. It is essential if we are going to reduce transport emissions and tackle climate change—transport emissions of course are rising—and it is far better for people’s cost of living and people’s health. But for the billions that are spent on transport infrastructure in Victoria only around 1 per cent or so goes to supporting people who walk or ride their bike. Many residents have continually raised with me the dangerous pedestrian crossings at various places across the Prahran electorate: Dandenong Road, Yarra Street next to the South Yarra station, Punt Road, Alexandra Avenue in Toorak. They are frustrated that nothing has been done. We should not have to wait until there is an accident to be improving particular pedestrian crossings in the Prahran electorate. We have also got most of our tram stops across the electorate unprotected and unsafe, where cars are failing to stop for passengers getting on and off the tram. There is a need for more separated bike lanes. We need them as soon as possible on St Kilda Road, but we also need to look at what can be done across Chapel Street and other main streets in the Prahran electorate.