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Members Statement: Hornby Street Crossover

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — I rise to condemn the appalling way that VicRoads has handled the closure of the Hornby Street, Windsor, crossover. It goes something like this: close the crossover with no warning to residents and no chance for consultation; months later, despite requests for a face-to-face meeting with VicRoads, tell people that if they have got any ideas, to send them an email; then wait for over a year to have an onsite meeting with residents and completely underestimate how many people will show up, resulting in a shambolic meeting, without anyone being able hear what was being said and confusion over whether the final decision had been made or not; months after that, hold a second meeting but tell residents that the decision has been made to permanently close the crossover, and that this is just to inform residents about how VicRoads came to that decision; and finally, almost two years after the original closure, put out material informing residents that works will be taking place to permanently close the crossover.

At no stage was there any meaningful opportunity for residents to have any input into this decision. This is not good enough. If VicRoads is incapable of handling community consultation for something as simple as a tram crossover, then we need to look at establishing formal community transport reference groups that would hold public meetings, so decisions like this cannot be made until the community has their say.