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Members Statement: Horace Petty Estate

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) : I rise today to call on the government to address the significant safety concerns that are facing many public housing tenants at the Horace Petty estate. Public housing estates are people’s homes and their community. They can and they should be great places to live, but the ongoing under investment in areas such as upgrades and security have led to this deteriorating situation. My office is regularly receiving reports from residents, and in fact I attended a recent neighbourhood action group meeting on the estate, which was also attended by the local police and tenants association, where residents spoke of their concerns—issues such as vandalism, theft, drug use and dealing across public areas and common spaces, assaults and threatening behaviour. These accounts and their severity have been escalating. Tenants are saying that they are fearful and worried about their children. Some have stopped leaving their units after dark. Many are too scared to report this activity because of their fear of reprisals. More needs to be done to support our public housing tenants and provide them with a safe and peaceful environment to call home. I call on the government to bring together the police, the Department of Health and Human Services, tenants groups, security providers and anyone else necessary and coordinate an effort to ensure the safety and security of tenants on the estate.