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Members Statement: Budget for Prahran

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran): I rise on the last sitting day before the budget to put on the record what we would like to see and some of the things that would be of benefit to the Prahran electorate. Firstly, I would urge the government to make good on their promises at the recent election, particularly in relation to our local schools, many of which are bursting at the seams and are in particular need of that urgent funding. In terms of transport I would urge the government to bring forward the separated St Kilda Road bike lanes. We cannot wait until 2025 for safer riding along St Kilda Road; construction can and should start as soon as possible. In terms of pedestrians, who always get overlooked, we certainly need upgraded pedestrian crossings in the Prahran electorate in many locations—around South Yarra Primary School, Yarra Street and Dandenong Road, just to name a few. Our tram routes need upgrading, with safer stops and priority amongst traffic to reduce delays. These are extremely cheap and cost-effective upgrades and an incredibly effective way to improve local public transport. I would also urge the government to put in the budget an increase in public transport services. Again, this would be relatively cheap compared to megaprojects, but in our electorate services at Hawksburn and on the Sandringham line are just not up to standard. Finally, we need upgraded and improved public housing. Our public housing estates have been neglected for too long. We need upgraded public housing, we need more public housing, not a sell-off, so I would urge the government to invest in public housing estates in Prahran.