South Yarra Helipad

Victorian Greens member for Prahran, Sam Hibbins, condemns plans for helipad in South Yarra.

The helipad would sit atop the Capitol Grand, which is currently under construction.

Mr Hibbins says the costs to the community greatly outweigh any benefit for the owners of the six penthouses who would be able to use it.

“This is a classic example of a planning decision that would benefit the very few at great cost to the local community, especially residents who live within close proximity.

“The number of objections shows there is already significant community opposition, and I share their concerns, especially about noise levels.

“South Yarra does not need a helipad to ferry penthouse owners to the airport, it needs an upgraded South Yarra station with connection to the Melbourne Metro rail project.”

Mr Hibbins is available for further comment

Media contact: Nick Gibbs 0491 012 791

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South Yarra station upgrade announcement win for local commuters

Greens MP for Prahran Sam Hibbins MP has welcomed $2 Million for planning an upgrade to South Yarra station.

Upgrading South Yarra station is one of Sam’s key priorities as the state member for Prahran.

The announcement comes after an extensive campaign Sam has run to Upgrade South Yarra station including a petition which has gathered over 1,300 signatures and an Upgrade South Yarra station survey which with over 900 respondents.


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Labor neglects South Yarra station commuters again

Greens MP for Prahran Sam Hibbins as slammed the state government’s decision not to fund an upgrade to South Yarra station in this year’s state budget. 

South Yarra Station is the busiest non-CBD station and is struggling to serve over 13,000 commuters, after years of neglect by both Labor and Liberal state governments combined with rapid population growth in the area.

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Labor and Liberal vote against equality for students

Greens question Labor's equality credibility

Greens equality spokesperson Sam Hibbins says the Government’s credibility on equality is in question after they voted against the Greens Equality for Students bill.

The Greens bill struck out special exemptions from the Equal Opportunity Act granted to faith-based schools and institutions. These exemptions allow schools to legally expel children for being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, as well as for their marital status or being pregnant.

“Dan Andrews has said equality is not negotiable but his Government voted with the Liberals to allow discrimination against LGBTI students,” Sam Hibbins said.

"There is a clear link between discrimination and poorer mental health outcomes for LGBTI youth. That's why all LGBTI students need to be protected by law from discrimination"

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Proposed changes to Equal Opportunity Act leave LGBTI Victorian’s at risk

Victorian Greens equality spokesperson Sam Hibbins says the State Government’s changes to the Equal Opportunity Act will still leave thousands of Victorian’s at risk of discrimination because of their sexuality or gender identity.

“The inherent requirements test is weak. It will leave LGBTI employees and job seekers unprotected by law if they are discriminated against,” Sam Hibbins said.

"The Equality Minister says 'equality is not negotiable’ yet he's happy to negotiate away protection for LGBTI people.

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Greens call for Government to amend AFL Grand Final ticket scheme

Greens sport spokesperson Sam Hibbins has called on the State Government to amend the AFL Grand Final ticket scheme to allocate more tickets to competing club members.

“The AFL is raking in profits from the Grand Final. It’s time they gave back to fans by increasing the ticket allocation to competing club members,” Sam Hibbins said.

“Just 30 per cent of Grand Final tickets are allocated to competing club members while the AFL cashes in on corporate tickets.

“It’s a slap in the face to loyal club members that corporate tickets worth thousands are already on sale.

“The Minister for Tourism and Major Events has powers within the Major Sporting Event Act to change how tickets are allocated for the AFL Grand Final.

“The Minister must step in and to make sure more club members can experience footy’s biggest day,” he said.

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Greens say Liberals can't be trusted with LGBTI equality

Greens say Liberals can't be trusted with LGBTI equality

Greens equality spokesperson Sam Hibbins says a vow by the Victorian opposition to abandon the Safe Schools program will put young people at risk.

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Melbourne Metro project will adversely impact South Yarra community

Greens Prahran MP Sam Hibbins says the Melbourne Metro project will adversely impact the local South Yarra community while offering them few benefits.

"There will be major disruptions and loss of amenity during constructions, yet few benefits without a South Yarra interchange," Sam Hibbins said.

"It's hypocritical of the government to say the benefits will justify disruptions, when they use disruption as an excuse not to build a South Yarra interchange with Melbourne Metro.

"The Government's own figures show a South Yarra interchange will deliver significant benefits for South Yarra commuters. An interchange will improve amenity in South Yarra by lifting the South Yarra siding reserve to street level and creating a pedestrian plaza," he said.

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Victorian Greens Slam Safe Schools Review

Sam Hibbins MP, Victorian Greens LGBTI spokesperson has slammed the Turnbull Government's decision to review the safe schools program.

“The Turnbull government is giving in to the hateful campaign against the Safe Schools program"

“Safe schools is an essential program in combating homophobia and bullying in Victoria’s schools”

“Rather than stand firm against the inaccurate and hateful attacks from those opposing Safe Schools, the Turnbull government is giving comfort to the homophobic campaign and undermining the positive work Safe Schools does”

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Victorian Greens Successfully Amend Relationships Bill to Allow for Ceremonies

Victorian Greens Successfully Amend Relationships Bill to Allow for Ceremonies

 The Victorian Greens have successfully amended the Relationship Act 2016 to allow for ceremonies to be conducted in conjunction with the registration of same-sex relationships in Victoria.

Victorian Greens LGBTI Equality spokesperson, Sam Hibbins MP for Prahran welcomed the change as a modest step in lieu of achieving marriage equality at the federal level.

“Currently registering a relationship only involves filling out the right paperwork, but this change will give same-sex couples the option of having their own official ceremony as part of this registration.

“While in no way a substitute for full marriage equality at the federal level, allowing same-sex couples to conduct a ceremony when registering their relationship provides greater dignity and brings Victoria in-line with other jurisdictions like Tasmania.”

The Greens successful amendment will enable the Victorian Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages to provide services to facilitate ceremonies, such as use of the Victorian Marriage Registry at the Old Treasury Building.





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