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LGBTI equality

Mr Hibbins (Prahran) — As it is mental health week, it is time now for the Prime Minister to abandon the proposed marriage equality plebiscite. One of the key reasons for opposing this plebiscite is the effect that it will have on the mental health of LGBTI Australians, particularly young people, because it would legitimise and unleash a damaging, hateful and hurtful campaign. We are already seeing evidence of it with materials and leaflets being distributed at people's homes and even at football matches. Same-sex attracted Victorians should not have to put up with a $160 million public opinion poll on their right to marry the person they love.

I also call on Parliament to pass my notice of motion in support of marriage equality. It calls on the Parliament of Australia to amend the federal Marriage Act 1961 and for the federal government to abandon the proposed plebiscite. The motion could be debated in place of a matter of public importance, and it would be an appropriate expression of this house's desire to see marriage equality achieved in this term of Parliament.