Land Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) (By leave) — As I understand it, we have a motion here put by the opposition to move directly onto their motion to set up a select committee into the conduct of the member for Tarneit and the member for Melton. This is similar to a motion that they put forward last sitting week, and when that motion was put forward we were still waiting on the report from the Audit Committee into the use of the second residence allowance by those members.

We are advised that the report by the Audit Committee will be made available tomorrow. In the meantime, we have had the Speaker read out a statement or a letter from the President of the other place indicating that the member for Tarneit was unable to demonstrate that his primary residence was the one that he was stating it was and that the member for Melton appeared to have had an arrangement where he was able to keep on receiving the second residence allowance without actually having any sort of connection with or place of residence in the house that he was claiming to be his primary residence.

Now the opposition is seeking to set up a select committee to look into these matters. Our preferred method or response would be that the Privileges Committee actually look into these matters. I think that would be the most appropriate response. The Privileges Committee would then look at what should be the response then or what should be any sanction put on the member for Tarneit and the member for Melton. I think that would be the appropriate process. I understand a similar process was undertaken in the previous Parliament in relation to the former member for Frankston, so we would be urging for that process to go through and for this matter to be referred to the Privileges Committee. We will not be supporting the setting up of the select committee at this stage.