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Constituency Question: Improvements to South Yarra Station

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — My constituency question is to the Minister for Public Transport, and I ask: what investment options have been considered by Public Transport Victoria to improve South Yarra station? South Yarra station is struggling to serve over 13 000 commuters each day. Inaction by successive governments has resulted in a congested single entrance, overcrowded trains and unsafe pedestrian crossings. An interchange with Melbourne Metro rail project has been left out, despite the overwhelming support of residents for its inclusion. Leaving South Yarra out of Melbourne Metro first occurred under the previous Liberal government in 2011 before it scrapped the whole project and announced its flawed Melbourne rail link idea.

It is disappointing that the Labor government has continued the previous government's decision to exclude South Yarra from Melbourne Metro, which will result in longer journey times for commuters who use South Yarra and a loss of connectivity. Each day thousands of pedestrians have to cross Yarra Street at an uncontrolled crossing; commuters pour off and on the Toorak Road tram; bikes bank up on the station railing; there is a crush at the station entry and exit point; and the overcrowding data obtained by the Greens show trains running on the Sandringham, Frankston and Pakenham lines are chronically overcrowded.