Freedom of Information Request Submitted for South Yarra Station

Sam Hibbins MP for Prahran has submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Department of Transport for –
All the documents relating to the provision of a South Yarra Station interchange, South Yarra Station upgrade and/or new South Yarra area station as part of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project 

The Freedom of Information Act stipulates the department has 45 days to respond to Mr Hibbins’ request.

“I’m calling on the Government to release this information, include a South Yarra station interchange as part of the Melbourne Metro and fund a South Yarra station upgrade in the upcoming state budget.”

“South Yarra Station is already struggling to serve over 8,000 passengers per day with an extra 5,000 residents set to move into the Forrest Hill precinct adjacent to the station in the next 15 years.”

“The State Government is refusing to commit to or even talk about the much needed interchange at South Yarra with the Melbourne Metro”

“An animation fly-through video of the Melbourne Metro project published in November 2014 by Fairfax Media shows a ‘possible underground station’ at South Yarra. This demonstrates that a South Yarra interchange has been actively considered but now apparently rejected by the Andrews Government”

Media Contact Trier – 9981 9501