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Dan Andrews stranded on political donations


Dan Andrews stranded on political donations

Greens Prahran MP Sam Hibbins says Premier Dan Andrews has failed to match the standards set by his own party on political donation disclosures. 

“When Bill Shorten says the donations disclosure regime isn’t good enough, you know things are seriously bad,” Mr Hibbins said.

“Instead of backing his federal colleagues move for a lower disclosure threshold, Dan Andrews cannot bring himself to even acknowledge the corrupting influence of Victoria’s broken system.

“In question time today the Premier refused to say whether he supported Bill Shorten's comments. This reveals just how desperate his government is to avoid this critical issue.

“To restore trust in politics we need to lower the disclosure threshold and force parties to reveal their donors in real time. 

"It isn’t good enough for the public to find out who has bankrolled election campaigns more than a year after they cast their vote,” Mr Hibbins said.


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