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Constituency Question: Punt Road and Pasley Street North Safety

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — (12 074) My constituency question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. I ask: what will the minister do to make the intersection at Punt Road and Pasley Street North safe for school students? This intersection serves as a pedestrian crossing for students crossing Punt Road to attend South Yarra Primary School. Parents have reported that students are at risk, with vehicles frequently running the red light, resulting in near misses between vehicles and students. This is occurring multiple times every day during the school pick-up and drop-off periods, often with multiple cars running the red light at each cycle of the lights. I have met with parents and school staff on site and witnessed this occurring. With school enrolment growing significantly, more and more students will be using the crossing over the coming years. The current situation presents a real risk of a serious injury or fatality occurring. It is an accident waiting to happen and requires urgent attention


VicRoads installed traffic lights at the intersection of Punt Road and Pasley Street North, which included the relocation of a signalised pedestrian crossing to this location that previously existed at the nearby South Yarra Primary School - a change advocated by the school. At the same time, advanced traffic light ahead warning signs were also installed and alterations were made to the operation of traffic lights to provide increased time for motorists to stop before the pedestrian signals are activated. 

Given that poor driver behaviour continues to occur at this location, VicRoads has brought this behaviour to the attention of the Department of Justice and Regulation for its consideration of a road safety camera at this location. In addition, Victoria Police has been notified of this issue for its consideration and enforcement.

VicRoads is currently considering this location for review to determine what other measures (including use of technology) could be considered to encourage safer driving behaviour. 

Hon Luke Donnellan MP

Minister for Roads and Road Safety