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Constituency question: Upgrade Tram Stop 128

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran): My constituency question is to the Minister for Public Transport, and I ask: when will the minister fix the dangerous tram stop on the corner of Chapel Street and Toorak Road, stop 128 outbound on route 58? Commuters are frequently experiencing or witnessing near misses from vehicles not stopping for stationary trams, creating a risk of injury for passengers getting on or off the tram. With the new Capitol Grand Tower opening soon, this unsafe tram stop is going to get busier and busier. I am currently running a petition to upgrade the tram stop, and I will just read out some of the Facebook comments from locals: This is by far the most dangerous stop. I have seen so many near misses. So pleased to see this petition. Another: The tram drivers always tell people to be careful at this stop. Has to change. And another: Finally!!!! The numbers of times I’ve almost been hit by a car getting off at this stop is ridiculous. And then there’s the times I’ve stopped other people from being hit. And then there are all the times I’ve had been walking past and seen cars speed through to get the lights not even caring about the people getting off. If the minister is still not convinced, I would certainly invite her to come down and just stand at the stop for a few minutes and she will see what I am talking about.


Answer - Victoria is procuring 100 new E-Class trams, the first 81 of which are already in service, operating on routes 11, 86 and 96.  The introduction of these new E-Class trams will, overtime, allow other existing higher-capacity trams to be cascaded to other routes, spreading the benefits across the network.  This cascade includes the introduction of higher capacity trams that are larger than those currently operating on Routes 1 and 6 to address crowding.

As you have noted, E-Class trams are currently being tested on Route 58.  The introduction of E-Class trams to a new route cannot proceed until adequate rolling stock has been delivered and safety accreditation has been achieved.  Testing to achieve accreditation has begun.  This is a thorough process that will identify any additional enabling infrastructure or modifications to existing stops and tracks that ensure passengers and other road users have a safe journey.

Key pieces of enabling infrastructure to enable E-Class Trams to operate on Route 58 are in delivery or have been recently delivered, including new terminal, substations and platform stop upgrades at Flagstaff and South Yarra stations.  Additional minor works will be identified as part of the testing process.  The date of potential introduction of E-Class trams to full services on Routes 58 will be determined when the extent of those works has been established.

Hon Melissa Horne MP

Minister for Public Transport

Minister for Ports and Freight