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Constituency Questions: Tram Stop 23

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran): My constituency question is to the Minister for Public Transport, and I ask: will the minister upgrade tram stop 23 on St Kilda Road at the Arthur Street intersection? This tram stop remains one of the last tram stops on St Kilda Road not to be upgraded to a level-access tram stop. This is a busy tram stop that experiences overcrowding during the morning peak, where trams pass just centimetres away from passengers waiting at the stop. This stop is simply not up to scratch for one of the world’s busiest—or the world’s busiest—tram corridor and is a significant safety issue. Local residents have had me down to show me what they experience every day, and hundreds of residents in surrounding apartment buildings have already signed a petition calling for the stop to be upgraded. So I urge the minister to listen to local residents, to heed their advice and to upgrade stop 23 on St Kilda Road at Arthur Street.


The government acknowledges and understands the need for all tram stops in Melbourne to be level access in the future to meet the requirements of Disability Standards Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT) legislation. Level access tram stops provide safer waiting areas, minimise boarding and alighting times, and provide access for those with disabilities, luggage and prams.

There is high demand for stop upgrades across the entire tram network. To address this issue in the most time- and cost-efficient manner, we are developing a Stop Rollout Strategy to streamline and prioritise stop upgrades across the system, as funded in the 2019/20 State Budget. 

The Department of Transport is working closely with Major Road Projects Victoria in the planning of the St Kilda Road Separated Bike Lanes Project, including ensuring that this project takes into account future tram stop locations. 

The lived experience of your constituents will be taken into consideration throughout the planning process and we will continue to engage closely with the community in the development of any tram stop upgrade. We will always seek opportunities for improving the safety of our transport network for all Victorians.





Hon Melissa Horne MP
Minister for Public Transport
Minister for Ports and Freight