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Constituency Question: Tram #8

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — (Question 3679) My constituency question is to the Minister for Public Transport. Earlier this year Public Transport Victoria proposed the merging of tram route 8 with tram route 55.

The proposal was announced with little justification or supporting information and was met with concern by many in the Prahran electorate who would lose direct access to the arts precinct and the centre of the CBD. The consultation finished months ago and many residents are anxiously awaiting the government's decision. Tram 8 is already at 116 per cent capacity and passengers fail to see the benefits transferring from one overcrowded tram to another. Can the minister provide an update on the status of the tram 8 merger proposal, and say whether any alternative proposals have been considered, such as retaining the existing route 8 whilst extending route 55 along Toorak Road or building the Park Street extension to allow for the diversion of other routes off St Kilda Road?


Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and Yarra Trams undertook consultation on proposed changes to Route 8 tram services in July 2015.

The proposed changes to the Route 8 tram would:

Increase the frequency, capacity and the number of low floor tram services operating along Toorak Road;
Improve the ability to access the Western CBD from the South East suburbs;
Provide additional benefits to the users of all other St Kilda Road tram routes by allowing more routes to operate with a 10 minute frequency including the neighbouring routes running along Commercial Road and High Street.
PTV is currently considering the feedback received during this consultation. The feedback is being used to assess a range of options for St Kilda Road tram services and to help ensure that the future design of the tram network meets the needs of customers.

Hon Jacinta Allan MP
Member for Bendigo East
Minister for Public Transport

Answer Published Date: 26/11/2015