Constituency question: South Yarra Primary pedestrian crossing

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — My constituency question is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and I ask: will funding from the school area safety initiative announced in this year’s budget be allocated to fix the South Yarra Primary School crossing at Punt Road? Parents have regularly raised this dangerous crossing with the government over a number of years — a crossing that was made worse by its botched relocation by the former government. Through my campaign to fix local pedestrian crossings, the minister would have received almost a hundred letters from parents calling for it to be fixed before a serious accident happens. In his most recent answer to my question about the crossing, the minister stated that as a result of the road safety audit VicRoads notified the maintenance team to install a different colour tactile ground surface indicator as the need arises. Well, I would say the need is there. The question now is: will this occur? I am also advised that there is no crossing supervisor at Punt Road and Commercial Road, which is a busy intersection. If this is the case, will funding be provided for that?