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Constituency question: South Yarra Station Upgrade

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran): My constituency question is for the Minister for Transport Infrastructure. I ask: what is the latest information on the South Yarra station upgrade and master plan project? I ask because since the announcement of $12.3 million to upgrade South Yarra station and to plan for a longer term master plan there has been a real lack of information and consultation with the community. Residents would like to know: when will the works start? When will they be complete? What will be the design of the tram stop and extended foyer? When will there be an opportunity for the public to have their say on the upgrade and the long-term master plan to make sure that South Yarra station gets the upgrades it needs? Luckily for the minister I did conduct a survey in 2017. While it did indicate that, yes, South Yarra station needed an expanded front foyer and tram super-stop, commuters also wanted a second entrance and a platform overpass for the Forrest Hill area, a safer pedestrian crossing at Yarra Street and to make sure that the heritage character is maintained.

Answer - I thank the Member for his question.

There has been extensive consultation with the community on the upgrade to South Yarra station. All local residents have received information on the plans with invitations to provide feedback, and pop-up information sessions have been held at South Yarra station.

Works on the improved tram stop and station entrance will commence this year.

Hon Jacinta Allan MP

Minister for Transport Infrastructure