Constituency question: Prahran Secondary School in budget

I raised a constituency question to the Minister for Education on 6 May regarding the budget allocation for the new Prahran state secondary school. 

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — (Question 185) My constituency question is to the Minister for Education. The state budget includes $4.75 million in the 2015–16 year for the new Prahran secondary school, on top of an estimated expenditure of $1 million in the previous year, with an estimated completion date at the end of 2019. There is no doubt that families and prospective families in the Prahran community will welcome the commitment to the new school and funding to progress its construction. As I have said previously in this house, this is the no. 1 issue in the Prahran community. Local parents and principals are very keen to be involved in the development of the new school and would welcome further details on the progress of the new state secondary school in Prahran, its location and completion date.


Answered 25 May

Deputy Premier

Minister for Education

The Labor Government is committed to building a new secondary school in Prahran

The Department of Education and Training is currently engaged in negotiations for a site at 597 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.   As I am sure you will understand, at this early stage, we are unable to provide a proposed opening date for the school.

Funding to date has been spent on expert planning consultants, legal fees and community consultation. Funding earmarked for the next financial year may include comprehensive design and site preparation.