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Constituency question: Prahran pedestrian safety

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — My question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and I ask: when will the government start taking action to improve pedestrian safety in the Prahran electorate? Safer pedestrian crossings are absolutely essential to the livability of our community, and over the past few months the minister would have received over 100 emails from residents in the Prahran electorate as part of my campaign to fix dangerous pedestrian crossings.

One of the two most common pedestrians crossings that would have been raised with the minister is the crossing at Punt Road and Pasley Street North, used by schoolkids to get to South Yarra Primary School. It is a crossing that has been made less safe after the botched relocation by the previous government, with daily occurrences of cars running red lights and putting children at risk. The second-most common complaint would have been about the corner of Yarra Street and Toorak Road near South Yarra railway station, where thousands of commuters are mixing daily with cars and trucks at an unmarked, uncontrolled crossing. There are many more dangerous crossings in our electorate that the minister would have heard about, so I would urge him to start listening to the residents in our community and fix those crossings.