Constituency question: pigeon poo on public housing

Mr HIBBINS — My constituency question is to the Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing. Earlier this year residents of Inkerman Heights, St Kilda, raised concerns about the unacceptable conditions created by pigeon infestation, including pigeon faeces on windows that went unwashed as well as covering the ground in common areas.

Further inquiries found that this problem was also occurring at the Horace Petty estate in South Yarra. At the time the minister was reported in the local paper as saying that he would look into it and fix it, and recently advised in response to a question on notice that the department cleans the windows of high-rise towers as appropriate and pigeon deterrents are being investigated. Can the minister provide specific detail on which common areas and on which levels windows have or will be cleaned at Inkerman Heights and Horace Petty estate to fix the problem?




In recent months the department has cleaned levels one to four of the north west corner of the building and levels one to twelve over the North East corner over the foyer area at 150 Inkerman Street St Kilda and levels one to six of the Eastern face and levels one to eight in the north west corner of the building at 1 Surrey Road, South Yarra.

The department continues to clean windows of its buildings on a regular basis, as appropriate.