Constituency question: Pigeon Infestation

MR HIBBINS (Prahran) —  My constituency question is for the Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing, and it concerns the ongoing pigeon infestation problems at the Horace Petty public housing estate in Prahran and in particular in this instance at the TRY South Yarra Preschool. The pigeon issue has always been a problem but has gotten significantly worse and is causing considerable distress to children and their carers. Staff are reporting that the pigeons are harassing kids, jumping on their lunch boxes, trying to eat the food that the children are holding in their hands and pecking at their legs. Having lunch or morning tea outdoors is now sadly an incredibly stressful time for these kids.

I have regularly raised the issue of pigeon infestation across public housing estates in the Prahran electorate, and whilst in response there has been some funding provided for some cleaning and some pigeon spikes, I now ask: what will the government do to fix the problem of pigeon infestation at the TRY South Yarra Preschool? Enough is enough; this problem needs to be solved.