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Constituency Question: Pedestrian Safety near Prahran High School

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Sam Hibbins MP
Member for Prahran
1 December 2016

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — (11 946) My constituency question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. What is the government's plan to ensure safe pedestrian access for students between Prahran station and the new Prahran High School? A number of constituents have raised with me safety concerns regarding commuters crossing High Street from Prahran station and the adjacent tram stop. With Prahran High School having a capacity of 650 students and due to open in 2019, the danger of pedestrians crossing High Street from Prahran station will only get greater.

Whilst there are controlled pedestrian crossings around 160 metres to the east and west of the station, the reality is that many commuters coming from the station or tram stop are not using them, creating a clear risk. I note that the crossing to the west of the station serviced the old Prahran primary, which closed in 1990 and is now a set of apartments. Some residents have raised with me the prospect of relocating this crossing closer to the new high school. Pedestrian facilities on Porter Street are minimal, increasing the chance of conflict between students and vehicles. With the construction of Prahran High School due to begin next year, now is the time to plan, fund and implement improved pedestrian facilities to ensure the safety of students.



VicRoads advises me that the existing traffic signals and the pedestrian crossing facilities at the intersection of High Street and St Edmonds Road would cater for school children who travel by train accessing the school. However, an additional crossing on the western approach of this intersection would improve pedestrian safety at this location.

The need for pedestrian crossing facilities at the High Street and Porter Street intersection is created by the current location of a tram stop. VicRoads has developed a proposal to install traffic signals, including pedestrian crossing facilities at this location. Nevertheless, the priority for such an installation needs to be investigated further in light of the proposed Prahran High School.  

VicRoads will collaborate with the Department of Education, Public Transport Victoria, the City of Stonnington, the local traders and the community to investigate pedestrian safety in this area. VicRoads advises me that it will complete this investigation by the end of March 2017.

VicRoads supports pedestrian safety improvement works at this location. On completion of the investigation, VicRoads will continue to consider any agreed proposals for possible funding under a future program, based on the relative risks to pedestrians crossing the road such as the number and type of vehicles using the road, the prevailing speed limit and pedestrian volumes. The historical safety record of the site, the impact the proposed pedestrian facility would have on the performance of the surrounding road network, the implementation costs and needs of children, the elderly and disabled pedestrians are also taken into account. 

Hon Luke Donnellan MP

Minister for Roads and Road Safety

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Sam Hibbins MP
Member for Prahran
1 December 2016




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