Constituency Question: Improvements to South Yarra Station

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — (8145) My constituency question is to the Minister for Public Transport. I ask when public consultation regarding an upgrade to South Yarra station will begin. I ask in response to a media report in the Age of 6 July, where the minister stated that improvements would be considered in consultation with locals. I also note the minister's previous correspondence with me, agreeing the station requires an upgrade and stating a willingness to work with both myself and Stonnington council on progressing an upgrade to the station.

I welcome the minister's encouraging remarks in regard to an upgrade to South Yarra station, which is something the South Yarra community is keen to see happen. I have previously raised in Parliament the need to establish a South Yarra station task force to kick off the process of engaging with the community and identifying the various elements of the station that need improving. This would be a welcome first step and give our community some confidence that the station will receive a much-needed upgrade.