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Constituency question: Bike Safety

Mr HIBBINS(Prahran) - My constituency question is for the Minister for Roads, and the question I ask is: what is the latest information on the St Kilda Road safe bike lanes? This has been project I and many others have been advocating for, and certainly I welcome the funds for the project in this year’s budget. It is absolutely essential if Melbourne is going to be a livable city that Prahran remains livable, that we get more people riding and that we get safe bike lanes along St Kilda Road. I welcome the quicker time line outlined in the budget. The government’s previous commitment was to complete it by 2025, when Melbourne Metro is completed, but now I see that has been brought forward and will be sooner, with $7.3 million to be spent in the next financial year and $8.5 million in the subsequent two years after that. That would indicate a staged approach to works. I ask the minister to indicate when we are actually going to see these safe bike lanes on the road, because certainly they need to be there as soon as possible.