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Constituency question: Bangs Street Redevelopment

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) : My question is to the Minister for Housing, and I ask the minister: what is the latest information on the Bangs Street public housing estate redevelopment in the Prahran electorate? Many local residents in the area are concerned that the buildings are now sitting apparently vacant. People are seeing an increase in antisocial behaviour and a build-up of rubbish in and around the area, with a concern for personal safety. The amenity of the area is significantly impacted by having this a vacant site. With no confirmed dates for demolition and a rebuild, who knows how long they will have to live with this happening all around them. It is all the more galling that it sits vacant whilst homelessness is on the rise and more and more people are on the public housing waiting list. The Bangs Street site, along with other public housing sites in the Prahran electorate, including Essex Street and Browning Walk, have been neglected for decades and are a prime location for new and increased public housing homes to reduce homelessness and the public housing waiting list. I urge the minister to redevelop Bangs Street and public housing estates to 100 per cent public housing as soon as possible.