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Constituency Question - Planning and Development

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — (Question 7527) I recently asked Prahran residents to submit constituency questions for me to ask in Parliament, and planning and development was a common issue raised, so my constituency question to the Minister for Planning on behalf of residents is: what is the government's plan to address the pressures brought by development in the Prahran electorate? Residents are concerned about how infrastructure will cope and how the community will remain livable. The rapid growth of the Forrest Hill area and lack of investment in South Yarra station is just one example where investment is not keeping up with population growth, with the same issues around local school capacity, community services and open spaces.

The government's bottom line is benefitting from stamp duty thanks to development. It is only reasonable that the community expects some of that to be returned in investments. Residents are concerned that neighbourhood character is maintained and that local planning laws are respected by both the government and the Victoria Civil and Administrative Tribunal. There have been a number of outstanding planning amendments before the minister that have not been approved. How the government responds to increased development is essential to keeping Prahran livable.