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Let's chat about Climate Solutions!

Join the discussion and Q&A with our local Greens MP Sam Hibbins, youth climate leader Ella Simons, Victorian Greens Leader and Deputy, Samantha Ratnam and Ellen Sandell MP on our positive plan to lead on climate action and create jobs.

We have the solutions for the climate crisis, but our current governments are still not taking the action required to secure a safe climate future. But the pressure for the community continues to rise!

We need climate solutions that match the scale of the problem.

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July 13, 2021 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Sam Hibbins MP · · 0428739990
John Phillips Yvonne Howells Elvyn Dear Alyssa Collyvas Taylor Stewart Eartha Hewett Vaughan Macefield Rod Turner David Dawson Stuart Palmer Aleksandra Watts Joel Barry Joel Barry Gen Ford Pawel Waryszak Seán Marsh Chris Murray Marnie Melbourne Michael Awad Rosemary Bates Ricki de Wolff David Hood Brian Simpson Rod Carmichael Lu Willshire Deborah Horner A. Barrie Pittock Jenny Backholer Jonathan Barnett Ira Felinski Robert Davis Peter Churven Anthony Martinelli-Walsh Brenton Rasheed Lyn Bender Christine Olsen Judy Gunson Subramaniam Sivasubramaniam Nathalie Farah Marnie Brooks Paula Reid Mary Skitt Kathie Farn David Webb Steve Pettitt Lucie Armstrong Barbara Daniel Anna Barvinsky

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