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Our community has told me they want our governments to take stronger climate action.

We’re already experiencing the devastating impacts of climate change here in Victoria – including more frequent and intense bushfires and extreme heat.

In Victoria, burning coal is our largest source of emissions. Transport emissions are growing, whilst our native forests are being logged and land is being opened up for new fossil fuel exploration. It’s not too late, but we must act now.

Locally, Prahran suffers from a severe urban heat island effect, putting our most vulnerable at risk, which is made worse by climate change.

Help demand stronger climate action in Victoria by signing the Prahran Climate Emergency Declaration today!


Our plan to create jobs and lead on climate action:

  1. Power Victoria with 100% Renewable Energy – Create thousands of construction, engineering and energy jobs with publicly owned wind, solar and battery projects.
  2. Home Energy Upgrades – Home energy upgrades for local homes including, solar, batteries and energy efficiency upgrades will reduce demand for fossil fuels, cut bills and create jobs. 
  3. Beyond Coal and Gas – Coal and gas are fossil fuels causing climate change. We will phase out coal by 2030, get off gas and stop fossil fuel extraction with a just transition for communities.
  4. Protect our Native Forests – End logging in Victoria’s native forests – our precious carbon stores. And invest in regenerative agriculture.
  5. Clean Transport – Support the shift to clean, sustainable transport with a massive investment in trains, trams, buses, bikes, walking and electric vehicles.
  6. Green Manufacturing – Victoria can become a manufacturing powerhouse by adopting zero-emissions technology from around the world, and by funding new wind and solar projects.



Sign the Prahran Climate Emergency Declaration now!

Help demand stronger climate action in Victoria.





Adjournment Matter: Windsor Station & Australian Timetable Association

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Second Reading: Education and Training Reform Amendment (Protection of School Communities) Bill 2021

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran): I rise to speak to the Education and Training Reform Amendment (Protection of School Communities) Bill 2021. This bill amends the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 in an effort to address the risks of occupational violence and aggression directed towards school staff from adult members of the school community,...


Members Statement: Wage Growth

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Constituency question: Amendment C313

Mr HIBBINS: My constituency question is for the Minister for Planning, and I ask: will the minister respect our community’s wishes on amendment C313ston, which would allow for the granting of a rejected planning application at 196–206 High Street, Windsor. The community have had their say. They are opposed to this...