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Adjournment: Prahran Secondary School 12 Feb

I raised and adjournment matter on 12 February on the Prahran Secondary School. 

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) — I rise to raise a matter for the Minister for Education, and it is in regard to the proposed state secondary school in Prahran. The action I seek is for the minister to update the Prahran community on the progress to create a new secondary school in the electorate. As the minister would be aware, all political parties supported the new school during the recent election campaign and promised to begin negotiations to secure the deaf school site. But there is still great uncertainty in our community as to whether the school will go ahead, where it will be located and when it will be opened. This is the no. 1 issue in the Prahran community. I have had a steady stream of visitors to my office and correspondence from people, all questioning the status of the school and expressing support for it. There is strong community support for a new state secondary school in Prahran and strong support for its co-location with the deaf school site.

As I am sure the previous member for Prahran raised in this house — and I acknowledge the work he did to progress the new school — there is currently no school in the Prahran area. The distance to travel to the nearest state secondary school is prohibitive, which particularly affects disadvantaged students and families as it is another barrier to accessing education. The fact is that many families move out of the Prahran area when their children reach secondary school age. I would like the Prahran electorate to become an area where families of all types are able to live, and having an accessible, quality state secondary school is key to making this possible. There is $20 million already allocated in the budget for the school. It is important that we have transparency and accountability in the new funding for schools, and I would like the minister to give certainty to the Prahran community that the funding will be used for a new state secondary school in the electorate.