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Adjournment: Business of the house

Mr HIBBINS (Prahran) (By leave) — I rise to speak briefly on this motion, and we will be joining with the opposition in opposing this motion. This is truly politics and Parliament at its worst. I think the situation of filling this vacancy was described in the media as a farce, and it is a farce in every sense of the word.

The Victorian Greens have deep concerns about the government's decision to use its majority in this place to prevent the filling of a vacancy in the upper house. The government is wrong to link the decision to fill the vacancy by holding a joint sitting with the documents motion and suspension of the Leader of the Government in the upper house. That is a matter for the upper house and how it deals with one of its own members. Each house enjoys its own privileges and its own rights equally, and this is essentially the lower house trying to impinge on the right of the upper house to fill its vacancy.

To fill this vacancy is a matter of adhering to section 27A of the Constitution Act 1975, and essentially it is a matter of whether to uphold the constitution or not to uphold the constitution. The Greens would be more than happy to come back next week to hold a joint sitting and fill that vacancy.