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Sign our open letter to the Minister for Public Transport, calling for the #78 tram to be upgraded.

Open letter to the Minister for Public Transport

Parliament of Victoria Crest


Dear Minister

Our community loves the # 78 tram. 

It’s our neighbourhood tram that connects our communities on both sides of the Yarra. We use it to do our shopping, meet with friends, connect to other public transport services and go to libraries, parks, schools, community centres, public housing estates, and work.

Unfortunately, our community’s love for our #78 tram has not translated into government support.

The waits between trams are just too long and it’s one of the slowest tram routes in the world. Our tram stops are dangerous and inaccessible, for school kids, people with limited mobility, parents with prams and wheelchair users.

Our community survey has shown that people most use the #78 tram during the day and on weekends, and they want more frequent and faster services, tram stops to be upgraded and new accessible trams along route.

The overwhelming majority of 87% respondents said they would use the #78 if it was improved.

I urge the government to upgrade our #78 tram.


The results of our community survey were clear, with 87% of people saying they would ride the 78 more often if it were improved.

Here's more of our results:

What upgrades would you like to see to our 78 Tram?

More frequent tram services 71%
A faster journey 62%
New trams 49%
Level access tram stops 47%
24 hour services 23%


Why do you catch the #78 tram?

Shopping 68%
Meeting friends 62%
Connecting to other PT services 47%
Accessing services 34%
Gym or other recreation 29%
Work 24%
Partying 19%


What time would you usually catch it?

Weekends 70%
Middle of the day 59%
Evenings 44%
Peak hours 32%
Late at night 15%


What has been your experience with the #78 tram?

Too long to wait between services 67%
Too slow 48%
Should be better maintained and more comfortable 45%
Too inaccessable 37%
Feel unsafe on tram 30%
Unsafe while waiting 17%


And here's what some people had to say:

"If we're serious about tackling climate change we need to make low emission travel more convenient. It's much faster to drive from Prahran to Richmond than to wait for and then catch the tram" - Matthew

"Tram 78 leaves a big gap in the public transport network because it is so slow, unreliable and inaccessible. An upgrade to this service would really improve connectivity of the area." - Gab

"As the main tram that goes down chapel street, this tram has so much potential to be one of the best routes in Melbourne. However in its current state it feels unloved. I think its a really important route to maintain for chapel Street business but also general passenger use." - Samantha

"The Chapel Street tram is as Melbourne as it can get and should be upgraded to show the best of this city" - Scott

"This is a vital link for local people with the city. A better and more regular service would encourage more people to use it, saving on both energy and congestion." - Anthony

"The tram is inaccessible to all people with mobility issues. Tram services should be upgraded to level access trams so that it is more accessible to users" - Catherine

"I'd use it more if it was faster, cleaner and safer so I could access shops and services on the other side of the Yarra." - Gwyneth

"I would take the tram everyday to work if it was faster. Currently it is the same time to walk, so I do that instead." - Lauren



Will you sign our open letter to the Minister for Public Transport, calling for the #78 tram to be upgraded?





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